Poor people are real owners of Pakistan: Raza Rabbani


ISLAMABAD, Sept 9 (TNS): Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has said that poor people are the real owners of Pakistan and they should be given the ownership of the system in all matters. Unless that happens, he said, Pakistan will not be able to move forward.

He was talking to media at the launch of his book ‘Invisible People’ in Central London.

He said that it is a sad fact of life that upper classes use and abuse the poor people and don’t care about their being and their humanity, for them the poor class is a non-people. The privileged class doesn’t care about the issues and problems of the downtrodden, they don’t matter.

Mian Raza Rabbani said that his collection of short stories titled ‘Invisible People’ is about the exploited and neglected majority of Pakistan who has no voice and no representation.

“I wrote Invisible People to highlight the class that’s invisible and that needs to be brought to front. These are the real people; they should be the biggest stakeholders of Pakistan. They should be part of the national decision making”, he added.

He said the state doesn’t seem ready to give ownership to the exploited class and that’s a huge issue because the poor people are struggling to find their true identity and as a result there’s a huge disconnect between the real people and the state.