Powerful storm threatens Karachi, coastal areas of Sindh on Eid


KARACHI Aug. 28 (TNS): A rain-packed powerful storm moving from Indian state of Gujrat is posing severe threat to coastal areas of Sindh including Karachi on Eid-ul-Azha. The rain clouds that heavily lashed Karachi had also entered Sindh from Indian state of Gujrat.

At this time the low wind depression formed over the Gulf of Bengal which persists over the eastern parts of India is forecast to move across the central areas of India to enter Indian state of Gujrat, which is across the ocean from Pakistani coastal areas, and one of India’s most populated city Mumbai.

According to sources in Meteorological Department this low depression is feared to turn into threateningly high depression during its movement which is feared to lash Indian state of Gujrat heavy rains with gusty winds.

In the view of threat of strong storm the Indian meteorological agency has issued red alert for many areas in Gujrat state. Meanwhile the sources in the Met Department has warned that the extremely low air depression will enter northern tip of Arabian Sea on Tuesday (tomorrow) which is feared to have strong chances of turning in to a Hurricane on Wednesday.

According Met Department sources if the high depression does turn into hurricane heavy thunder rains with gusty winds would start lashing Karachi and other coastal areas of Sindh by Wednesday evening. The hurricane is feared to hit coastal areas of Sindh province or Indian state of Gujrat during Eid-ul-Azha (which will be celebrated on Saturday September 2) with winds blowing with a speed of as much as 100 kilometers and torrential rains.

The Met sources warned that if the high pressure does turn in to a hurricane on Wednesday as forecast Badin, Thatta, Mirpur Khas, Hyderabad, Karachi, and other coastal areas and localities of Sindh would be battered by heavy rains with gusty winds.

According to Chief Meteorologist of Meteorological Department Abdul Rasheed the cycle of heavy rains would continue lashing Karachi and coastal areas of Sindh on Thursday and Friday.