Prophethood clause was not removed deliberately: Ahsan Iqbal


ISLAMABAD Oct 6 (TNS): Federal Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal said on Friday denied allegations that the clause of Prophethood was deliberately removed through the passed act Election Bill 2017.

Speaking to journalist at PID, the minister said that even thinking of amending the finality of Prophethood clause is a sin.

“Even thinking of amending this law is kufr,” said Iqbal while addressing a press conference.

“We are all Muslims. The finality of Prophethood is our part of our faith,” said the interior minister.

However, some people are using this to sow seeds to hatred in the society, said Iqbal.

“Pakistan is a diverse country,” he said comparing the country to a bouquet of different flowers. “Our diversity makes us beautiful.”

The interior minister also stated that Jihad is the prerogative of the state and no one else.

“If we should engage in Jihad or not is the prerogative of the state,” he said while speaking at Press Information Department.

He also said: “who is Muslim and who is not a Muslim can’t be decided on social media, rather it is state’s prerogative.”

If decisions are made on the fatwas issued in streets then it would result in anarchy, he claimed.