Public will elect me again: says Nawaz Sharif


Gujranwala, August 11 (TNS): Ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif criticized his disqualification by the Supreme Court, saying masses will elect him Prime Minister again.

“Should this even be called disqualification,” Nawaz asked supporters gathered in Gujranwala. “I will be made prime minister by the masses again.”

Nawaz said he will soon give youths a new line of action and asked those in attendance if they will continue to support him.

Ex-prime minister also claimed that no power can drive him out of people’s hearts.

He said that there were conspiracies being hatched against the government for the past three years.

Ex-PM said that the government was successfully curbing terrorism and crime incidence across Pakistan but “they” toppled his government. He once again claimed credit for turning Pakistan into an atomic power.

Nawaz Sharif said that his mandate-given government was toppled after two and a half years twice.

He asserted that all the premiers of Pakistan were irreverently ousted.