Punjab Gov’t decides to forward sexual assault cases to ATC, committee to file preliminary report on Jan 15th


LAHORE, Jan 13 (TNS): Government of Punjab has decided on Saturday to forward sexual assualt cases to anti-terrorism courts (ATC) and legislate for DNA Act in wake of numerous child abuse cases surfaced in the recent past.

A committee formed by Punjab chief minister (CM) Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday has begun its operations and is supposed to file preliminary report of its working on January 15 and the recommendations would be finalised by January 22.

According to the recommendations agreed upon by the committee until filing of this report, all men residing within a two-kilometre area of any sex abuse incident would undergo a DNA test and awareness content would be made part of school syllabi.

Recommendations of UNICEF are to be made part of the filing as well.

The committee formed today is reportedly to recommend the government to follow suit of United States (US) and other developed countries to counter such incidents.

CM Shehbaz-formed committee is also to look into causes of delayed justice in sexual assault lawsuits.

Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah is heading a committee formed by CM Shehbaz and comprising 20 members including Rana Mashhood and Punjab Inspector General.

According to the notification issued today, the committee will holistically review and recommend measures to prevent the rising child abuse incidents in the society.

The committee will be bound to forward proposal to the chief minister in 15 days pertaining to the inclusion of child safety measures and related university research articles in the curriculum.