Punjab Govt fulfilling the dreams of deformed children


Lahore, Aug 26 (TNS): The yardstick to judge the standard of nations doesn’t stick to the status of their GDP’s and Foreign Reserves, performance of Stock Markets, connectivity of roads and the cities seemingly underneath of skyscrapers only. Having a strong economy does matter a lot. It helps facilitation but the right directed approach from an individual to the Govt is something which provides basis for everything. Freedom and equal opportunities enjoyed by every walk of society and in particular the special attention from the Govt towards downtrodden, deprived and deformed people actually sets the standards.

Govt of Punjab enjoys the position of having an unmatched edge over its counterparts in the country in almost every department a Govt is supposed to work.

Working for the people struggling with different deformities and providing them special opportunities to elevate themselves to the levels they can’t achieve by availing the opportunities laid for common masses, Punjab Govt is on with its program for special people which includes everything from education to rehabilitation. The vastness and the success of the program can only be witnessed when having deep dip into it.

The institutionalised program has 101 establishments across the province which includes 15 institutions for visually and 36 for hearing impaired children, 10 institutions for mentally retard children, 2 for physically disabled and 36 slow learning institutions.

On the education side Punjab Govt has made it prerequisite for itself that not only every deformed kid should benefit from the opportunity but he should be provided every related facility once   enrolled in the learning institutions.

Beside all the related needs from text and braid books to stationary and uniforms to pick and drop facility, Stipend of Rs 8000 is also being given to each child enrolled in these institutions.

Two degree colleges have been established exclusively functioning for the deformed children

In the department of rehabilitation electronic devices are being surgically implanted that provides a sense of sound to the children who are profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing in both ears. Deformed children are also being facilitated with Audiology, Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy as well.

The details of Budget allocation of the last three years for the program are enough to suggest the commitment of the Govt towards uplifting of special children of the society.

In 2015 – 16 there were 784 million allocated for the program which increased to 10,43 million in 2016-17 and now 14,18 million allocated for 2017-18.

With this priority Punjab Govt is undoubtedly lending help to every special child of the province to come out of deprivation and see his/her dreams fulfilled.