Punjab govt plan to give every child equal access to the basic right of education


Lahore, Sept. 7 (TNS): For promotion of quality education in the province, Shahbaz Sharif led Punjab government spending billions of rupees so that every child has equal access to the basic right of education in Punjab.

To help promote an educated society in partnership with the private sector, Punjab government encouraging and supporting the efforts of private sector through technical and financial assistance, innovating and developing new instruments to champion wider educational opportunities to the underprivileged children at affordable cost.

Chief Minister’s Initiatives for Teachers Top

  • 109,000 Contract Teachers have been regularized
  • Pay Scale of teachers has been upgraded
    • Primary Teachers (Grade 7 – 9)
    • Elementary Teachers (Grade 9 – 14)
  • Upward mobility formula given for better service structure primary teachers upward mobility
    • 15% in Grade 14, 35% in Grade 12 and 50% in Grade 9
  • Elementary Teachers Upward Mobility
    • 15% in Grade 16, 35% in Grade 15 and 50% in Grade 14
  • Secondary School Teachers Upward Mobility
    • 15% in Grade 18, 35% in Grade 17 and 50% in Grade 16
  • 100% increase in Mobility Allowance of teachers
  • 100% increase in Charge Allowance of Head teachers
  • Incentives of Rs. 1 Billion for best performing teachers
  • 1000 cash prize of Rs.50,000/- of primary teachers enhanced from matriculation to B.A / B.Sc

Focus on Students           Top

  • Free text books for all students up to Matric
  • Stipend for girls students in 15 districts
  • Special cash prizes for position holders
  • Foreign visits for top position holders
  • Scholarships for brilliant students through PEEF
  • Speech and debate competitions
  • Progress towards a uniform education system
  • Compulsory external examination of Grade 5
  • 8 on best international practices and internal merit scholarships
  • Monthly class and term tests through DTEs
  • Teaching of Science and Math in English
  • Compulsory computer subject for class 6 till 8
  • Exemption from examination fee
  • Elimination of unfair means in examinations

Focus on Schools              Top

  • Provision of 4,286 computer labs in high schools
  • 2500 schools have been up-graded
  • Rs. 4 Billion every year for missing facilities in schools
  • Special funds for school councils
  • Conversion of government schools into english medium
  • Establishment of Daanish Schools for poor but intelligent students in southern Punjab
  • Establishment of 5 cadet college in Punjab (Okara, Pasrur, Chakwal, Esa Khel and Multan)
  • Agreement with Microsoft for I.T trainings
  • Provision of libraries to Middle and High Schools

100% Enrolment               Top

  • Survey of all admissible students
  • District plans based on survey
  • Action plans with timelines circulated to districts
  • 50% targets before 31st May
  • Second phase from 14th August
  • 100% targets till 31st Oct, 2014
  • Chief Minister’s announced the target of 100% enrollment by 2014
  • Art 25 inserted subsequently in the constitution
  • Free and compulsory education up to 16 years a fundamental and enforceable right of every child

100% Retention                Top

  • Bigger challenge than enrollment
  • Monthly monitoring of enrollment attendance gap of each school and district by DMO’s
  • School census on 31st October each year
  • Special household survey will be done with smart phones
  • Rationalization of staff on basis of enrolment and retention
  • DMO’s to mainly will focus on their original assignment i.e. monitoring and ensuring education targets
  • There will be zero tolerance for dropouts

Ranking of Districts on Targets   Top

  • Districts and District officers will be ranked on 13 indicator
  • In every quarter two months additional salary will be given to 5 best performing DCOs and EDOs (Education) as reward. There will be special annual ranking of officers as well as annual rewards
  • All DCOs to ensure District Review Committee Meeting every month
  • Periodic review meetings will be chaired by the Chief Secretary, Punjab to oversee the ranking
  • Chief Minister, Punjab will review the progress after every three months

Ensuring Quality Education          Top

  • Lesson plans will be given to every school
  • Teacher guides will be provided
  • Monthly and term tests of students will be arranged on solo taxonomy through District Teacher Educators
  • Compulsory PEC Examination of all Government and private students to promote healthy competition
  • Teaching of Science, Mathematics and Computers in English
  • Training of Teachers through international Experts
  • Provision of science labs
  • All earlier initiatives shall continue

Governance       Top

  • All Education Managers Executive District Officers, District Education Officers and Deputy District Education Officers will be linked with achievement of targets and performance. The normal tenure may be three years.
  • All recruitments of teachers and education managers are purely on merit through PPSC and Recruitment Committees: Zero Political Quota
  • The placement of selectees of PPSC and promoted officers is being ensured on merit and seniority basis as far as practicable near to their homes without any extraneous pressure. All placements, posting and transfers will be based on merit through transparent policies
  • Teaching and non teaching staff will be rationalized every year according to enrollment and retention of students on actual school need basis
  • All head teachers along with their teaching staff will be responsible for enrollment and retention targets and quality of education

Supportive Actions          Top

  • Chief Minister’s personal monitoring
  • Periodic review by the Chief Secretary
  • District Coordination Officers on-board
  • Merit based transfers and postings policy
  • Extension of PEF for provision of facilities where up-gradation of schools in required or government schools do not exist
  • District Monitoring Officers mainly to focus on education
  • e-Governance for service delivery through a fully functional website
  • Consolidation of schools to ensure a teacher and a classroom for each class at the primary level

Merit Based Transfer Policy         Top

  • On initial recruitment through Punjab Public Service Commission the selectees will be posted according to the inter-se merit of each selectee. The officers who are promoted against in-service promotion quota will be posted according to their inter-se seniority.
  • As far as practicable, the officers may be adjusted in the district of their domicile subject to inter-se merit or inter-se seniority within district subject to availability of vacancies and policy. The female officers may also exercise their option according to their husband’s domicile.
  • In case of dispute between two or more persons for a seat the senior in merit or inter-se seniority within district may take precedence.
  • The vacancies that are occupied erratically, if any, at the time of placement may be considered vacant for the purpose of adjusting the selectees or the promoted officers of relevant grade. Once the orders of an officer of proper grade or subject are issued the erratically placed incumbent will stand relieved of his duties with immediate effect. The posted Officer may assume the charge without formal relinquishment of the charge by the incumbent placed erratically.
  • The selectees of Punjab Public Service Commission as Head Teacher or those who are promoted as Head Teachers may not be adjusted as Subject Specialists/ Senior Subject Specialists.

In Punjab, districts are being ranked on quarterly basis by PMIU to improve the quality of education on the following indicators:

  • Teacher Presence
  • Student Attendance
  • Missing Facilities & Upgradation
  • Funds Utilization
  • FTBs
  • District Staff School Visits
  • District Review Committee Meetings
  • Curtailing Illegal Fee
  • Functioning of School Facilities
  • School & Student Cleanliness
  • Non-Teaching Staff Presence
  • Timeliness of Data
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • DTE Visits
  • DSD Assesment

Daanish Schools:

The word “Daanish” originates from Persian language, adopted in Urdu and means deep rooted wisdom that results from consistent accumulation and assimilation of knowledge.Accordingly Daanish Schools are being established with a clear vision to fight poverty through educating the gifted children of the underprivileged families of the Province of Punjab and providing them level playing field in the society. This is an affirmative action for the forgotten communities of Pakistan’s poorest of the poor. The visionary initiative of Mr Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the Chief Minister Punjab aims:-

  • To demonstrate that all children can excel, if given an equal opportunity
  • To rekindle hope amongst the under-privileged
  • To develop ethical, value-driven future leaders
  • To fight social inequality and alleviate poverty
  • To contain extremism by inculcating tolerance, human dignity and harmony.