Punjab govt prohibits use of mobile phones in operation theatres


LAHORE Oct 14 (TNS): A notification has been issued by the Punjab government to ban the usage of mobile phones in operation theatres along with warning that violators would face strict penalties, in order to improve the working environment of the hospitals.

According to the details, the Punjab Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department issued directives to all the chief executive officers and all Medical Superintendents of district headquarters hospitals and tehsil headquarters hospitals that the entry and use of mobile phones in operation theatres was strictly prohibited.

Rendering the copy of the notification it is directed that entry and use of mobile phones in operation theatres is strictly prohibited for being a hindrance in smooth working of the operation theatres.

The order also directed doctors and the supporting medical staff to ensure compliance with the above directions in letter and spirit. The order further informed that any violation of these instructions would be dealt under PEEDA Act 2006.

Various incidents happened in the part due to the negligence of the doctors while using mobile phones in Operation theaters. Operation theaters are very sensitive place where a person fights between death and life. The doctors’ especially young ones are in habit of using mobile phones even in operation theaters which led to many casualties.

Mobile phones are source of distractions for the operating team, anesthetists as well as the staff working in OR. Distraction due to mobile phone degrades the performance of the entire team and introduces error that wouldn’t otherwise occur.

Lots of concerns have been raised regarding the interference of the vital apparatus in operating theatre (OT) and Intensive Care Unit caused by smartphones. This is due to the electromagnetic radiation produced by them. They should be kept at a safe distance from medical equipment and medical equipment should have the ability to resist EMR. Another issue is noise from ringing of mobile phones during work.