Punjab restoring the magnificence of history – Heritage Preserved


Lahore, Nov. 2 (TNS): Shahbaz Sharif led Punjab government has brought revolution in various sectors including energy, agriculture, education, health and socioeconomic across the province but besides all the development the chief minister did not ignore glorious heritage.

World-famous historians have acknowledged Punjab government’s efforts to preserve glorious heritage and restored some greatest historical sites.

After years of negligence and a lack of serious preservation efforts, the historic buildings and facades of Lahore’s old city are rescued and resorted, all thanks to Shahbaz Sharif’s personal interest.

The Walled City of Lahore initiative has helped promote cultural activities and tourism in the city. The initiative allows visitors, both local and foreign, to get acquainted with the history, architecture, lifestyle, and community of old Lahore.

Renowned historian William Dalrymple, terms architectural restoration of Shahi Hamam the best in South Asia.

Walled City Lahore Authority since its inception has been continuously putting in efforts to restore the flavour of history in the magnificent buildings of the royal era. Shahi Hammam also won UNESCO award of merit.

That’s not it, Punjab Government in addition to water management system, storm water drainage system, sewerage, underground electrical works, natural gas distribution system and underground electrical works, has successfully restored the aura of wonderfully built architectural patterns.

This is one of the finest example of historical building restoration in the South Asia.

Royal Trail, Gali Surjan Singh and Delhi gate are some of the breathtaking sights after restoration.

The overall jurisdiction of the walled city includes various heritage and historical buildings, including a sacred gurdwara, Hindu temples, and old mosques. There is a population of about 300,000 living within the walled city today. The old city is known for its unique and ancient wooden balconies, temples, gurdwaras, havelis, narrow winding streets, and busy bazaars.

From the old days of the Mughal Empire to British colonial rule, visitors walk through the various heritage sites that speak about the original structure as well as the additions made during the Sikh rule and transformations of the British colonial period.

The Walled City Authority offers various curated tourist experiences for locals and foreigners.

The guided tours are planned according to routes, for instance, one route covers all major sites such as Delhi Gate, Shahi Hammam, Wazir Khan Mosque. After covering all designated areas, it ends at the popular Food Street. The tours offer visitors a vantage view of all the old city has to offer.