Rally is manifestation of our commitment to masses: Kirmani


ISLAMABAD, Aug 09 (TNS): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Syed Asif Kirmani Wednesday described PML-N rally to Lahore from federal capital as a manifestation of commitment of his party and the leadership to democracy, Parliament and the masses.

“Our rally would be a message for our opponents who are shocked by the mammoth support to PML-N and its leadership as people have rejected their malicious propaganda,” he said talking to media in front of Punjab House from where he will accompany his leader on a voyage to Lahore.

“We would sail through different cities on Grand Trunk Road with commitment, courage and pledge to serve the people,” he said and challenged political opponents to witness the support Nawaz Sharif enjoys among the masses. “Our journey is an eye opener for opponents who are perturbed from this popular support.”

Answering a question about time duration of rally, he said, it was not confirm yet as to how much time would be consumed to reach Lahore. “We shall be moving and moving, addressing our supporters and party workers. We shall sleep where night could fall and resume when it dawns. But, no time frame could be given about the duration.”

He took on Dr Tahirul Qadri by saying that `an alien from abroad’ has also landed in Lahore to adulterate political environment of the country.