Rawalpindi excise officials on looting spree; son of martyred army man mugged

Rawalpindi excise officials on looting spree; son of martyred army man mugged

Rawalpindi June 08 (TNS): Rawalpindi Excises and Taxation Department officials deputed on Attock Bridge have become predators as they stop every vehicle carrying load and luggage, blackmail people and take bribe before letting them go.

The sleazy excise officials even did not spare the son of a martyred army man. Waqas Mohiuddin, whose father was martyred in the recent firing incident along the Torkham border, told TNS that while he was returning to Rawalpindi in a mini-truck loaded with the belongings of his slain father, when the excise officials stopped his vehicle on the Attock Bridge at Sehri time on June 6.

According to him, the excise officials first pressed for checking the luggage and they were allowed to perform their duty. According to Waqas, after inspecting the vehicle, one of the excise officials took him to a corner and demanded Rs10,000 in bribe before allowing his vehicle cross the check post. When Waqas refused to pay the bribe, the excise officials made him sit at the temporary check post for four hours and subjected him to mental agony in the scorching heat. The officials also taunted him while using lewd language. When no request and effort worked to get out of the trouble, Waqas paid Rs8,000 in bribe to the excise officials before his truck was allowed to cross the check post.

When contacted, Director Excise Rawalpindi Tanveer Abbas claimed that the excise department has no permanent check post on Attock Bridge. However, he added that such complaints against the excise officials have already been brought to his notice. “I am carrying out my own investigation into such complaints to get to the bottom of the problem,” he said adding that it would be a favour if the complainant confided the names and the individual identity of the excise officials to him. Waqas, however, said the officials could be identified if the attendance register of the particular date was checked.