Rehabilitation work in sector D-12 is being carried out at fast pace


Islamabad: October 07 (TNS): Rehabilitation work in sector D-12 is being carried out at fast pace. Under rehabilitation work, up till now 100,000 square feet area of the sector D-12 has been carpeted while work is in full swing in rest of the sector.

The carpeting is being carried out through Machinery Pool Organization (MPO) Directorate. In-house carpeting is cost effective and is saving 37 percent amount as compare to the same work if executed by the contractor. This in-house utilization of available resources not only providing economical output but also providing opportunities to enhance the in-house capabilities. Under this project uptill now carpeting work on Major Road 3 in Front of WAPDA Gird Station and Service Road North has been completed, while carpeting of remaining road is in progress.

Under this project initiated for the uplift of the sector, repair, maintenance and rehabilitation of all major roads, service roads, markaz, Class-III markets and roads within the sector would be carried out while residual development work in the sector will be also completed.

CDA has reiterated that while carrying out development work superior quality would be ensured and international environment quality standards would be maintained while cost efficient approach is being followed.