Relics of Buddha return to Pakistan


Islamabad, May 18 (TNS):  Buddha’s relics returned to Pakistan on Thursday after its three-week-long exposition in Sri Lanka came to an end.

The sacred relics of Lord Gautama Buddha from Taxila, made a journey of 21 days in various cities and villages of Sri Lanka, for the Annual Buddha Rashmi National Vesak Festival.

Millions of devotees during the exposition in Sri Lanka attended the Vesak festival and paid their respects to the sacred relics.

The sacred relics departed Sri Lanka from the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, as Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka and diplomats from Pakistan High Commission ensured its safe departure.

The Pakistan government sent the blessed relics from Taxila to Sri Lanka on a special request from their government for the Annual Vesak festival in the country.

The exposition of the relics in the country, on the occasion of Vesak festival began from April 29, which was led by Sri Lankan President Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickramasinghe, amidst a large population of devotees gathered at the festive period.