Rescue 1122 saves 209 persons in 176 road accidents


Rawalpindi July 8 (TNS): The Rescue 1122 has saved 209 persons in 176 road accidents reported in Rawalpindi during the last week.

A total of 158 serious injured were shifted to different hospitals while 50 victims, who had sustained minor injuries, were provided first aid on the spot by emergency medical teams.

According to the data, 134 drivers, 19 underage drivers, 35 pedestrians and 40 passengers were among the victims of these road traffic crashes.

The statistics show that a total of 176 road accidents were reported in Rawalpindi.

The details further show that total 209 victims were affected by road traffic crashes including 178 male and 31 female victims. The age group of the victims show that 32 was under 18 years of age, 128 were between 18 to 40 years while the rest of the 49 victims were reported above 40 years of age.

According to the data, 167 motorbikes, 41 motorcars, 25 vans, three trucks and nine others vehicles and carts were involved in the road accidents.