Rohingya crisis: Bangladesh to restrict movement of migrants


Dhaka, Sept 17 (TNS): Bangladesh is limiting the movement of more than 400,000 Rohingya migrants who have fled from neighbouring Myanmar, Bengali media reported on Sunday.

They must stay in fixed places allocated to them by the government and not travel elsewhere, police say.

Bangladesh also announced plans to build shelters for up to 400,000 people near the city of Cox’s Bazar.

The mainly Muslim Rohingyas have been fleeing a Myanmar government offensive since last month, which the UN says could amount to ethnic cleansing.

Rights groups have accused the military of burning Rohingya villages.

But the army says it is responding to attacks by militants and denies it is targeting civilians.

Meanwhile, a fresh diplomatic row between Bangladesh and Myanmar has broken out over alleged violations of Bangladeshi airspace in the past week.