Senate body writes letters to all major political parties to submit their allegations



Islamabad, Sept. 10 (TNS): Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Senate nominated Coordinator to Monitor Security of General Elections, 2018 has written letters to all major political parties to submit their allegations with substantive information and evidence regarding General Elections 2018 on the prescribed proforma to the Committee before 20th September, 2018. The political parties included PPP, PMLN, PTI, ANP, MQM, MMA, BNP, BAP, IND and other political parties.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that the Committee in its meeting on 3rd September, 2018 has approved TORs and Areas of Investigation for further investigations into the reported allegations and irregularities during Elections 2018. He said that a proforma was designed and approved by the Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Senate Coordination Committee to monitor the General Elections 2018 to be sent to the leadership of all political parties asking them to fill the prescribed proforma and send it back with irrefutable evidence which can stand as test of the record. The letter has been issued by the Secretary Senate Standing Committee on Interior on the orders of Senator A. Rehman Malik, the Chairman of the said Standing Committee.

The letter observes that there has been general complaints about the irregularities on ground which needs to be looked into deeply and that is why the Committee has decided to sort the details of the irregularities (if any) that could be placed before the Committee for consideration and necessary legal action. It adds that Committee has decided that only those complaints and allegations would be considered which are specific and duly supported by irrefutable evidence.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said the “grey areas” the committee is investigating include the delay in election results, the failure of the RTS housed in Nadra, issues related to the ECP’s Result Management System (RMS), observations of the members on the RTS and RMS, the shortage or non-provision of Form 45s, the ouster of polling agents from polling stations, the number of rejected votes, the failure of internet and telephone services in constituencies, the breakdown of the internet server at Nadra headquarters, reservations of parliamentarians such as the posting and transfer of presiding and returning officers, and the recovery of stamped ballot papers from roadsides, dustbins and elsewhere, and so on.

The proforma was designed while keeping in view the complaints lodged by political parties and reported by media and general public and the information sort out from political parties based on the proforma shall also be beneficial and helpful for the Parliamentary Commission which is proposed by the Committee to probe in the general elections 2018, said Rehman Malik.

 It must be mentioned here that the Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Senate Coordination Committee on Elections 2018 has already presented two Reports (Volume- I & II) in the House and the third Report is being submitted in the House in the next Senate Session.