Senate Standing Committee on Interior & Narcotics Control discusses vital issues


ISLAMABAD, June 02 (TNS): Meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior & Narcotics Control held under the Chairmanship of Senator A. Rehman Malik here yesterday at Old PIPS Hall, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.

Senator Chaudhary Tanvir Khan and Senator Muhammad Javed Abassi and Minister of State for Interior and Narcotics Control, Mr. Sher Afghan Khan, Additional Secretary M/o Interior, Mr. Taha Hussain Bughti, Senior Joint Secretary Narcotics Control, Dr. Muhammad Shafiq, ADG FIA, Dr. Mazhar ul Haq Kakakhel, Director FIA, Brid. Saghir Kamran, ANF and Brig. Hammad A. Dogar, Post Commandant ANF and other senior officials of police and related departments participated in the meeting.

Discussing the Illegal Dispossession (Amendment) Bill, 2017, Senator A. Rehman Malik directed the Ministry of Interior that the bill is yet incomplete as there should be a minimum limit of compulsory punishment. The Committee passed the bill with the directions to the Ministry to bring necessary amendments as directed by the Committee on the bill within fifteen days. The Minister of State Mr. Baligh ur Rehman assured the Committee the necessary amendments shall be introduced within given period of fifteen days.

The Committee also took serious notice of the continuous recovery of narcotics from PIA airplanes first in Heathrow Airport London and then Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Airport Islamabad and had directed the Ministry and concerned departments to brief the Committee.

Senior Joint Secretary Narcotics Division briefed the Committee saying that the matter is yet under investigation and the findings shall be shared with the Committee after conclusion. He said that PM has already directed formation of an inquiry Committee to investigate the matter.

Chairman, Senator A. Rehman Malik said that he and Committee appreciate the Prime Minister move of formation of Committee. However, the Committee demands thorough investigation into the matter. He said that such heinous crimes bring bad name not only to the national institutions like PIA but also to the country as a whole. He said whosoever if found involved must be punished per the law.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that such planned crimes are not possible without involvement of the officials at airport. Therefore, he directed the representatives from PIA, CIA to be present in the next Committee meeting.

He said that as per his information there is a drug mafia consisting of officials from different agencies involved in this heinous crime. He added that drugs are placed in the panel of the plane which was endorsed by the Official of ANF who said that drug was planted in the rare kitchen of the plane.

Senator A. Rehman Malik highly appreciated the timely action taken by ANF. He asked if it has initiated any inquiry in this regard, if not, FIA must investigate the case thoroughly that the real culprits be identified and punished.

As the Committee had asked FIA for briefing on the arrest of Afghan girls at Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Airport Islamabad. In this regard, Director FIA Dr. Mazhar ul Haq Kakakhel briefed the Committee in detail and said the prompt action taken by FIA officials made the arrest of Afghan girls possible at airport with forged travel documents.

Dr. Mazhar ul Haq Kakakhel, Director FIA added that the case was investigated thoroughly by a capable team under his own supervision and all those who were involved in this case of human smuggling were arrested. He said that unfortunately two senior officials of PIA task force were found involved and arrested.

Chairman Senator A. Rehman Malik commended FIA and highly appreciated the role of Dr. Mazhar ul Haq Kakakhel and the investigation team directing that letters of appreciation to be issued to them.

The Committee directed FIA to investigate cyber-crime against the Honorable Senator Mr. Muhammad Javiad Abbasi and submit report in the next meeting of the Committee.