Senior lawyer vows to ensure justice for Pakistan teen killed in Germany


Saarbrücken, April 26 (TNS): Pakistani-origin German lawyer Habib Mohammad Ali has vowed to bring the culprits behind alleged murder of a Pakistani-teen to justice.

16 years old was thrown into Saar canal after being beaten up by a group of German boys in Saarbrücken on April 23.

The lawyer visited Saarbrücken from Berlin to meet with the family mother of the young victim who was murdered.

“I am convinced that this case is not a matter of simple brawl but a coldblooded murder, I will fight this case without any fee to provide justice to Pakistani teen,” he said.

“The mother of the suspected killer is a lawyer in Germany, so a skilled lawyer must be in competition and I offer my services free of cost”, Habib Mohammad Ali added.