Shami would have divorced me had I not found his mobile: says Indian cricketer’s wife



NEW DELHI, March 11 (TNS): After Kolkata Police charged India pacer Mohammed Shami under several sections of the IPC on the basis of a complaint filed by his wife, Hasin Jahan, alleging domestic violence and infidelity, today claimed that had she not found Shami’s mobile phone, the cricketer would have divorced her.

“I tried to convince him that he should accept his mistake, I have been trying since very long. He would’ve run away to UP by now if I did not catch hold of that mobile phone, he would’ve divorced me till now if I did not have the mobile phone,” said Jahan.

“He’s making up all sorts of things to save himself from allegations. Why didn’t the media investigate even after I gave them all the details? Till the day I took to social media, I tried to convince him to save our marriage. If he tries to come back I may still consider,” she added.

Reacting to the allegations, Shami was quoted as saying by ANI : “If this matter can be solved by talking, nothing can be better than that. Only patch up will do good for us and our daughter. If I have to go to Kolkata to solve the matter, I will. I am ready to talk, whenever she wants.”

“There have been many accusations which are increasing day-by-day. I don’t want to give an explanation about it and I want it to be investigated thoroughly,” he added.

Courtesy: Times of India