Sharif family’s assets not grow an inch


Islamabad June 3 (NTS): Prime minister’s elder son, who appeared before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) for the fourth time in one week, said on Saturday that “no proof of double-dealing and fraud” existed again the Sharif family whose assets remain same as they were decades ago.

“If there was any substance or truth in the allegations against the Sharif family, it would have come to the fore by now. Such baseless allegation were leveled against our family during Musharraf’s era, but our assets stand identical.”

While talking to the media after appearing before the JIT at the Federal Judicial Academy, Hussain Nawaz said that they (Sharif family) were not going to run away from accountability as the family had braced not only judicial trial in the past but has also endured executive accountability.

He said that unless truth comes before the masses and the judiciary, they will continue to appear before the JIT. “With the passage of time, they will be vindicated by all inquiries,” he said.

He said that this inquiry will come to a naught like the plane conspiracy case against Nawaz Sharif. He said that during the Pervez Musharraf term, the Sharif family members were not only tormented but also “our witnesses faced investigations”.

He said that he was fully cooperating with the JIT so that the investigation process ends pleasantly. “I have answered all their questions. Whether or not they are satisfied, ask them,” he said when asked what the JIT team questioned him.

He said that it was his fourth appearance before the JIT and he has already submitted various documents to the probe team.

While talking about London flats, he said their narrative was the same as they have explained before the Supreme Court. He also said that the prime minister has not been summoned by the JIT, and if he is summoned, he will appear.