SHC strikes down city court’s decision, orders reopening of Aisha Bawani College


KARACHI Sept 16 (TNS):  The Sindh High Court on Saturday suspended the order to seal Aisha Bawani Government College and issued directives to reopen it at once.

According to details, the Sindh High Court suspended the order issued by a local court to seal the college. The decision by the Sindh High Court was welcomed by students of the college who had gathered outside the vicinity of Ayesha Bawani Government College to protest.

The college had been sealed as per the court’s order on Friday, which had sent shock waves across students of the educational institute.

The decision was taken by the city court a day earlier after it was found that rent amounting to Rs 8500,000 had not been paid to the Secretary Education and Coordinator Officer District.

The decision by the city court had cast a shadow over the future of hundreds of students who are currently admitted in the college.

According to reports, despite the stay order by Sindh High Court, a wall was being demolished inside Aisha Bawany Government College. The wall was being demolished at the behest of the Aisha Bawany Trust.