Shehbaz repeats demand for parliamentary commission to probe rigging in polls



LAHORE, Sept. 8 (TNS): Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz ( PML-N) president Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday repeats demand for parliamentary commission to probe alleged rigging in recently-concluded General Elections 2018.

He was addressing a press conference in Lahore with other party’s leaders.

“I demand constitution of commission comprising parliamentary committees. Besides probing rigging, the [would be] commission should also table recommendations to curb illicit practice of rigging in polls once and for all”, stated the former chief minister of Punjab.

Shehbaz warned they [PML-N] would not let government work smoothly till their demand is met. He said, “Opposition alliance will not sit idle till constitution of commission. Imran Khan had assured me unconditionally in National Assembly that parliamentary commission would be created”.

On raising funds for Diamer-Bhasha Dam, Shehbaz stated there was no need to amass fund for the cause, rather investors should be encouraged to invest in the mega-project.

He also took a jibe at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led federal govt over hiking prices of commodities including gas, electricity and fertilizers while apprising attendants that prices of aforementioned commodities were reduced during Nawaz’s tenure.

On routine life-crippling power cuts, Sharif Jr asserted there was no justification for rising load shedding across country. He also regretted abolishment of poor-friendly schemes including laptop and Danish school schemes.

On accountability and austerity measures initiated by Prime Minister Imran Khan, Shehbaz apprised advertisements worth millions were given for the auction of luxury cars while challenged him to carry out forensic audit of Peshawar Metro Bus project. Sharif stated accountability should be held across-the-board for all.