Shehbaz Sharif’s revolutionary stepsin the field of education


ISLAMABAD Aug. 12 (TNS): The Chief Minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif services in the field of education is being considered unparalleled by all and sundry, the advertisements posted in the social media say.

Implementing the revolutionary thought of the Founder of Pakistan about the development of educational sector, Shehbaz has taken many steps in this regard; the foremost among them is the establishment of Punjab Education Foundation. A colossal amount of Rs. 25 million has been allotted for this foundation.

Moreover, Rs.117 billion allocation has been made for the higher education sector. Under this project, the number of students benefitting from this program has reached 2, 30,000.

Besides the above-mentioned projects, a number of 4, 26000 laptops have been distributed through HEC on the basis of merit through four different stages. In addition, in 16 districts of Punjab 4, 62,000 female students have been granted scholarship of Rs. 1000 per month.