Sheikh Rasheed saga: DC Rawalpindi takes notice of encroachments 



Rawalpindi, Aug. 28 (TNS): After misbehavior of Sheikh Rasheed, Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi took notice of encroachments and illegal parking areas.

Minister of Railways Sheikh Rasheed got involved in a dispute with local traders after a traffic warden knocked over parked motorcycles to clear a path for the minister’s vehicle in Rawalpindi.

The incident in Rawalpindi’s Bohra bazaar, which is situated on the road leading to Lal Haveli, led a top traffic police official to suspend the warden.

During the dispute, the minister reportedly said that as he was a minister, he could remove the “encroachments” if he wanted to. The traders retorted that they also wanted the encroachments to be removed, however, they haven’t been removed as yet.

Locals later protested against the warden damaging private property in the area and also blocked the road.