The arrest of 3 suspected Afghan Women along with some officials; FACTS EXPOSED BY UK GOVT


Islamabad June 01 (TNS): The case of 03 arrested afghan women turned to a new direction, who were trying to fly Europe on fake British passports. Investigations exposed that British Government has already blocked the passports of these three suspected British citizens and P.I.A headquarter in Karachi was also informed in time.

On the information shared with the Karachi P.I.A authorities by British government, P.I.A investigated and arrested 3 suspected Afghan women who were trying to fly on the forge British passports which were already been blocked by the British Government.

Reliable sources talked with the TNS that the higher authorities of F.I.A and P.I.A are involved in human smuggling. Sources also shared that the names of the blocked British passports holders were blacklisted after the Manchester attack in which 22 persons were killed and several injured.

It has been revealed that higher authorities of F.I.A and P.I.A Islamabad were unaware regarding the blacklisted blocked British passports because this information was only communicated to P.I.A headquarter Karachi. As usual the authorities in Islamabad tried to board these 3 afghan women named, Taj Zai Raheela, Astori Afishri and Fatima Mehmood Zai on a payment of 10 million rupees.

Originally P.I.A authorities handed over the boarding passes of the British citizens to 03 Afghan women for their flight to Europe. Sources said the Afghan women were smuggled from Afghanistan through Haji Ashraf Afridi and Azam Afridi and they stayed in a flat at Bahria town, Islamabad where they were provided the Mobile phones, Pakistani Sims and other luxury facilities.

Sources shared that a smuggler named Usman who is a carrier took the responsibility to take three Afghan women to Europe. During undergoing investigation it has been exposed through his travel history that this human smuggler named Usman visited 24 times to Europe in previous 10 months. Sources told that an F.I.R is registered by the F.I.A in which original facts were kept hidden.

Reliable sources told that this highly organized Human Smuggling Group is working under the supervision of Amer since a long time.

TNS was told by the sources that Intelligence departments have started the investigation to probe the way Afghan women got the Pakistani visas and their purpose to visit Europe. It is alarming situation that how the British citizens escaped from the Benazir International airport Islamabad after exchanging the board passes with the Afghan women who sought to travel to Europe . The fact about this episode was also kept hidden in the F.I.R.

However the British citizen Amjad Hussain, Ameen and Rehan are in the hidden custody of F.I.A, Smuggling Group at unidentified secret place.

Federal Ministry of interior, Govt of Pakistan should take immediate step and starts investigation prior to any contact from the British Government so that the Country should be protected by earning any bad name.