The Chairman and board members of Capital Development Authority (CDA) reviewed anti encroachment drive of the CDA


Islamabad, May 14, (TNS): In view of the hearing of Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, instructions were passed to expedite the activities and spread should increase.
The D.G works was tasked to ensure that violations on right of ways should be cleared within 48 hours. In this context major roads such as Margalla road, Nazimuddin road, IJP road should be carried out from today. Anti encroachment in Right of Way of Rawat G.T Road and Tarnol area should also be executed expeditiously.

Similarly violations outside plot lines are to be removed as well and in this context people have been issued public notices repeatedly. If any violation persists the same may be either removed by occupant themselves or CDA will remove the same.

CDA will continue the anti encroachment operations at margala foothills as well as other part of Islamabad. In this regard, Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) under the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) is being informed to withdraw any permission issued without prior approvals of CDA’s Planning Wing, as the same would be considered without legal standing.
CDA on Tuesday in an operation demolished constructions and encroachments made by the management of the Centuras Mall and have cleared the Right of Way. Moreover, penalty for illegally using the government land is also being levied on the project.