The menace of corruption has weakened the foundations of the country: Sardar Usman Buzdar


Lahore, May 17 (TNS): Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said the menace of corruption has weakened the foundations of the country. The plunder of the corrupt elements, ranging over a period of 70 years, has brought the country to the brink of destruction. The national resources were mercilessly wasted in the name of development in the past and those who have had looted the hard-earned money of the people ruthlessly will have to be answerable. The PTI government has adopted a policy of zero-tolerance against corruption as the country has got an honest leadership under Prime Minister Imran Khan and the honest PTI leadership will move the country forward.
He was talking to different delegations at his office here on Friday. The Chief Minister said that people have rejected the hollow slogan-mongers in the elections and these elements have also lost their credibility. The PTI government has served the people during the last nine months and its performance is evident before the people. We speak less and perform more, he added. We have come into power to serve the people and this mission will be continued. We do not believe in the politics of exhibitory projects and tall-claims. The days of those who were engaged in the politics of loot and plunder are numbered and they should read the writing on the wall because the people are fully aware, he added. The jugglers had bankrupted the province with their exhibitory projects and the government is striving hard to bring change for improving things.

The Chief Minister said that bridges and roads were constructed in the past but no attention was paid to schools and hospitals. During the previous tenures, the mega-loans were not spent on public welfare and the people were befooled with hollow-slogans whereas personal pockets were filled. Usman Buzdar said that durable steps are being taken for public welfare and he is also meeting with the people by visiting different cities and localities. He said that development is the right of the people living in backward areas and priorities have been identified to fulfill their fundamental needs. He reiterated that people have given their votes to the PTI for bringing change as well as the accountability of the corrupt elements and added that this public mandate will be fulfilled. Pakistan is a rich country with an abundance of resources but after Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the country could not get an honest leadership while corruption, loot, and maladministration reigned the country during the last ten years. Had the past governments been honest, the present generations would have not been in debt today? It is the right of the people that they should be given necessities of life and the PTI government will go to every extent to give this right to them, the Chief Minister concluded.

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has strongly condemned the state-sponsored terrorism of Indian army in occupied Kashmir. He has expressed a deep sense of sorrow over the martyrdom of Kashmiris and extended sympathies to the bereaved heirs. He has said that the Indian army has crossed every limit of barbarity and cruelty and innocent Kashmiris are subjected to severe bloodshed. The more Indian barbarism and torture is condemned, the less it would be, he added. He said that India cannot weaken the freedom movement of the Kashmiris through state-sponsored terrorism. He said that a desire for freedom has been further strengthened in the Kashmiri people in the wake of Indian subjugation. India should realize that it could not suppress the Kashmiris freedom movement by subjecting them to worst torture. The international community should also wake up from deep slumber and play its role in stopping the brutal activities of the Indian armed forces in occupied Kashmir, the Chief Minister concluded.

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has congratulated Sana Mir, spinner of national women cricket team for taking maximum wickets in ODI and added that she has brought laurels home with her performance. She has written a new history and we pray for her further success, he added.

On the directions of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, a crackdown has been conducted against the hoarders of wheat and sugar and action has been taken in 12 different districts. During the action conducted in ten days, one lakh and sixty thousand maund sugar and 25 lakh maund wheat have been taken into custody. The Chief Minister said that people cannot be left at the mercy of hoarders and indiscriminate action will be continued against the hoarders of wheat and sugar. The line departments should remain active to provide every possible relief to the people, he added.