Top three visa free destinations for Pakistanis


ISLAMABAD, June 22 (TNS): Out of 200 hundred countries in the world there are 36 countries that have allowed visa free entry to Pakistanis.

It is always good to save up the hassle of assembling and submitting the documents for visa. Out of the 36 countries the top three places where you can fly straight, without any visa restrictions are Madagascar, Tanzania and Maldives.

Madagascar is a huge Island off the Southeast coast of Africa. It is an amazingly beautiful place and probably unlike any other islands you have been to. Not only does it have incredible attractions to explore but it also is a dream destination for those who love outdoor activities.

It’s a home for many animal species, like their signature animal lemurs are not to be found elsewhere in the world. Other than lemurs there are fossa, colorful chameleon, several species of sharks and many other interesting creatures. Their trees and plants are quite impressive and distinct, like uniquely shaped baobabs, which is something we have never seen around.

Madagascar is quite an exciting place to explore as it has ultimate landscapes and cultural insights. There are rainforests, beaches, desert, reefs, mountains and fertile hills. For those who want an adventurous trip can go for hiking and diving.

this is the world’s fourth largest island with incredible diversities where you can enjoy outdoor activities or their cultural festivals, visit their amazing landscapes and explore various wild species or relax on a remote island at a private resort.

Next best alternative to Madagascar is Tanzania. It is an East African country within the region of African Great Lakes. Tanzania’s Serengeti famous park is a famous spot because Lion King was made here and also because it is the best spot for an African Safari. It is a known place for wildlife and being able to see ‘The Big Five’ (Elephants, Lion, Leopards, Buffalo and Rhino). The African Safari is also followed by trekking on the highest mountain site of Africa.

Zanzibar is probably the most beautiful unspoiled beaches of Tanzania, where you can find incredible diving opportunities. Who wouldn’t love to scuba dive in such a lovely clean sea with amazing species around.

They have plenty of national parks where you may be able to find The Big Five species roaming around the place. Many people are not even aware that in Tanzania they can view two oldest stone age sites in the world.

Maldives is one of the most beautiful and surreal place which looks exactly hoe its shown in its pictures. The vibrancy in the pictures of Maldives is not deceptive at all, this place is truly eye soothing and relaxing.

Maldives if one of the most geographically dispersed South Asian Island, located in the Indian Ocean, situated in the Arabian Sea. The amazing white-sand beaches, crystal clear blue water and underwater world has undoubtedly made this island one of a kind.

Every resort here is on a private island with the world’s top competing hotel brands. It is definitely the best place for honeymooners and those who wish to have a relaxing vacation in a luxury resort with all the exclusive facilities in a beautiful tropical gateway. Other than five and six-star resorts there are other islands that provide a decent budget for families and divers who wish to enjoy the marine life and nature experience.

It’s one of those amazing places where you will actually love going for snorkeling and scuba diving. The water and marine life species are so vibrant and flawless that it will actually please your eyes and give you an unforgettable experience of natural beauty.

The people living in this paradise are extremely courteous and their hospitality makes these coral island seem like home. The generosity of people and uniqueness of this island makes it one of the top vacation destination.