UN acknowledges senator A. Rehman Malik letter to constitute a high powered commission to investigate whether covid-19 is a manmade or naturally grown


Islamabad: April 07, 2020 (TNS): Senator A. Rehman Malik has thanked UN Secretary General for acknowledgment and has reinforced his demand of constituting high powered UN Commission on COVID-19
Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Rehman Malik has thanked UN Secretary-General for acknowledging his letter which he had written to him earlier on April 3, 2020 pleading to constitute a high powered commission to investigate the COVID-19 that whether it is a Manmade or naturally grown. The acknowledgment was posted on the website of UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and stated: “Former Interior Minister Senator Rehman Malik, wrote a letter to Secretary-General United Nations António Guterres and pleaded him to order the constitution of a high-powered UN Commission on COVID-19 under UN Convention on Biological Weapons, 1975 to discover whether COVID-19 is man-made or a naturally-grown virus.”

In response, Senator A. Rehman Malik wrote: “I would like to express my deep gratitude for acknowledging my letter dated 03rd April 2020 via the office of UNOCHA on 06th April 2020, in which I had requested you the constitution of UN High Powered Commission to investigate the origin and Zero Patient of Coronavirus under UN Biological Convention, 1975, Geneva.”

While reinforcing his earlier plea, Senator A. Rehman Malik wrote that the world is interesting to know whether the COVID-19 is a manmade or naturally grown as such investigation will not only cease the fake news but also it will expose the real facts. He pens that this investigation has become more important and needs of the time as the death toll because of COVID-19 increasing day by day worldwide and the hospitals are unable to cater to the growing number of patients.
Senator A. Rehman Malik writes that once again, he expresses his sincere thanks to you (Secretary-General UN) for your gracious acknowledgment of his said letter. He has hoped that the Secretary-General United Nations may kindly consider the constitution of the UN High Powered Commission to investigate COVID-19 as per his proposed ties.