UN faces financial crisis, urges members to pay


Washington, July 28 (TNS): The United Nations (UN) is reeling under alarming financial crisis and is also appealing to its member to pay up to the international body, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said.

As per Fox News, Guterres, in a letter, said he has warned member states of a “troubling financial situation facing the United Nations,” which he stated is caused due to late payments by member states to the UN.

“Our cash flow has never been this low so early in the calendar year, and the broader trend is also concerning; we are running out of cash sooner and staying in the red longer,” Guterres’ stated in the letter.

Guterres further said that the UN will take some measures for reducing costs and will also propose several ways to states in order to improve financial stability at the UN.

United States President Donald Trump threat to deduct funding is not being considered as the reason of the cash crunch as the US has not made any delay in payments to the budget.

Earlier this year, the US cut off the financial aid to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA).