Underground water level precariously down in twin cities 


ISLAMABAD Aug. 21 (TNS): The underground water level in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is going down precariously.

According to official figures, underground water level is depleting. In 2012, the underground water level went down by five feet in Islamabad. In 2013, it went down a further seven feet. In 2014, it further decreased by 10 feet. While in 2015, it dwindled by 12 feet and in 2016, it went down by 30 feet.

Officials said that the underground water level was decreasing due to fewer rains and excessive extraction of existing water by the fast expanding federal capital through tube wells and hand pumps.

The officials said the situation was worse in Rawalpindi. In some areas there, underground water was only available between 150 to 200 feet. In many other densely populated areas, people are facing extreme difficulty. Citizens of many areas of Rawalpindi are being provided water from Rawal Dam and Khanpur Dam.