Unknown Persons set wooden bridge ablaze over Chitral River


CHITRAL, Sep 9 (TNS): Unidentified persons set a wooden bridge ablaze over a river at Ujnoo village in Tarko tehsil of Chitral district. The bridge that was set on fire last night was burnt completely disconnecting many villages from each other.

Locals said that students were the worst affected who could not cross the river as there were no arrangements to ferry them across the river to attend their schools. They demanded of the government to investigate and arrest the culprit.

A social worker Sher Muhammad and former Nazim of Union Council Khot told that the police have yet to start inquiry. He said that around 2000 families have been living on both sides of the river and demanded of the district as well as the provincial government to approve funds for the construction of the bridge.

Some body sprinkled petrol on wooden suspension bridge and set it afire as a result it was completely gutted and nothing was left, Sher Muhammad said.