Voice for justice to Asifa raising from across world


Srinagar, April 15 (TNS): The voice for justice to Asifa, an 8-year-old girl who was gang-raped and murdered in Kathua area of Jammu, has started to come from across the world.
The widespread response to the case has come after the police Crime Branch charge-sheet filed in a local court, revealed disturbing details of how the minor girl was abducted, drugged, gang-raped for seven days and killed inside a temple. The brutal incident, scripted to incite fear among the Muslims in Kathua, has become a prime issue within and outside India.

The incident took place in the month of January when a minor girl Zainab was also rapped in the Kasur area of Pakistan that attracted attention of the world. The Aasifa’s incident was more horrifying then Zainab because she was gang rapped by seven days on sectarian basses. The motive behind the rape was to intimidate the Muslims of Kathua and forced them to migrate by Hindu extremists.

This incident occurred under the supervision of a local leader of BJP his son and the police personnel of the same police station who later deleted the evidences. After the pressure of public and raising voices from across the world the puppet government has arrested nine culprits later a Hindu extremist group has carried out a rally in favor of arrested culprits.

After the incident the civil societies members, celebrities and famous personalities have risen the voice and condiment the incidents. The Secretary General of United Nations Antonio Guterres has also condemned the incident. After the massive criticism on Hindu extremism Narendra Modi has also spoke and promised to justice for the victim of the family.