WASHINGTON (TNS): CPEC widens avenues for international investors: Aizaz Chaudhry


Urges IT firms to forge links with US counterparts

WASHINGTON July 12 (TNS):  Pakistanis fast becoming an emerging market for the international investors as CPEC has widened avenues for international investors, and this trend is enthusiastically being followed by the Corporate America, said Pakistan Ambassador to the United States, Aizaz Chaudhry while talking to a 16-member delegation of Pakistani IT professionals who visited Embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC on Tuesday.

“There is a tremendous scope to promote Pakistani IT professionals and IT based services/solutions in the international market, particularly in USA and asked Pakistani IT firms to forge investment links with the US counterparts,” he added.

Ambassador Chaudhry said that the US would remain a global leader in technology in the foreseeable future. Pakistan attaches great importance to its relations with the US and intends to fortify bilateral relations in various fields including IT and in this context, a large number of Pakistani IT professionals visit the US to serve here and also to sharpen their professional skills, he said.

The 16-member delegation of IT Professionals from Pakistan is currently visiting Washington DC to participate in Microsoft Global Partner event “Inspire” being held from 09-13 July 2017.