‘Wonder Woman” may top $700 worldwide


Los Angeles, 3rd July (TNS): Wonder Woman lost screens for the first time in its run, which tends to happen even to a leggy offering like this when there are three newbies in over 3,000 theaters-a-pop (plus a limited release expanding to 674 theaters) in the marketplace. The Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. offering earned $4.32 million on Friday in 3,304 theaters, a drop of 529 theaters and a fall of 41% from last Friday’s gross. Its domestic total, after 29 days, is now $334.879m. As I’ve noted here and there, the next month is going to be interesting for the Gal Gadot superhero movie. The good news is that there will be only four new releases over the next two weeks, specifically Spider-Man: Homecoming next weekend and War for the Planet of the Apes, Wish Upon and the wide expansion of The Big Sick on the 14th.

The 21st will be a big weekend in general, with Girls Trip, Dunkirk and Valerian: City of a Thousand Planets all taking their shot. Dunkirk especially will be an interesting wrinkle, as it will be Warner Bros.’ first “big” movie (sorry, The House) since Wonder Woman. Anyway, the next month will see screen bleeding and genuine competition in terms of “good” big live-action summer movies, something that The Mummy and Transformers: The Last Knight didn’t provide. The Patty Jenkins picture should earn around $15.3 million (-38%) which is still an incredible hold especially considering the buzzy Baby Driver and the kid-powered Despicable Me 3 doing their thing.

That will push the $150 million picture to $345.8m domestic in one month of release, a figure above the likes of Batman v Superman, Guardians of the Galaxy and (unadjusted for inflation) Spider-Man 3. So as of tomorrow, it will already have a multiplier of 3.34x, making it the 10th leggiest $100m+ opener ever, and that’s counting Shrek 2. And presuming it hits $350m on Tuesday, it will have taken 33 days to reach said milestone, which is frighteningly close to Spider-Man (31 days), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (30 days) and The Hunger Games (30 days). This story is courtesy of The Nation.

The film has earned at least $683m worldwide as of yesterday (I’m a couple of days behind for overseas updates) so it should be crossing the $700m mark today or very early tomorrow. I will be beyond fascinated to see how it fares against Spider-Man: Homecoming, as frankly Batman v Superman was already pretty much dead by the time Captain America: Civil War rolled into town last year. But at this juncture, we’re still looking at an over/under $380m domestic total, or the second leggiest $100m+ opener ever, although it could go higher if it can hold onto theaters this month.