Work with full zeal to quicken pace of progress: President


LAHORE July 19 (TNS): Pakistan is now on the path of development after overcoming challenges adding that in order to further quicken the pace of progress it is imperative that every individual particularly the government machinery should work with full zeal and zest, said President Mamnoon Hussain on Wednesday.

He was addressing the Certificate Award Ceremony of 106th National Management Course and 21st Senior Management Course at National Management College, Lahore.

“Only those nations progress in the world whose individuals and officials perform their national duties actively and with complete commitment at every stage of life,” he emphasized.

He said: “If these principles are weakened during the discharge of public services and responsibilities then it should be construed that the state of affairs is not heading in the right direction. The President stressed on avoiding development of such trends.”

The President underlined that only those nations can imprint their positive image in the comity of nations which successfully meet the challenges. Pakistani nation has been grappling with various challenges for the last seventy years and now by the Grace of Allah Almighty the time has come to reap the fruits of hard work.

He underscored that construction and operationalization of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) demand same commitment which was witnessed during the struggle for stability of Pakistan after its creation.” He hoped that, “As loyal citizens of the country every individual and government machinery will never let this passion fade from their heart.”

“If every citizen of the country is filled with such passion then no one would be worried about the supremacy of constitution nor the masses would complain that the government and its institutions left them at the mercy of circumstances,” the President said,

“No hurdle can be placed in the path of progress of that country where its administration follows these golden principles while performing its duties. Same is the logic behind organizing such courses for training of officers working at different tiers of the state,” he added.

On the occasion, the President gave away Certificates to participants of 106th National Management Course and 21st Senior Management Course. Rector National School of Public Policy, Azmat Ali Ranjha also addressed the ceremony.