Lahore, April 18 (TNS): Pakistani wrestler Inam Butt returns to Pakistan on Wednesday, the entire wrestling team was also present along with the laurel winner at Commonwealth Games 2018.

Bronze medal winners Muhammad Bilal and Tayyab Raza were also greeted at the airport by fans and family along with Inam, who was obviously the centre of attention.

Muhammad Inam Butt outclassed Melvin Bobo in final of the freestyle wrestling in the 86 kg category at Commonwealth games 2018.

The wrestler was overwhelmed with flowers and gratitude from the Pakistani fans and said that the government and private sectors should focus more on weightlifting sports and wrestling as there is immense talent in Pakistan and it won’t be long that a Pakistan will win an Olympic Gold in the future.

Inam was also the laurel winner of Delhi Commonwealth games in 2010, comparing himself to his Indian competitors the wrestler stated that the Indian wrestlers are very professional and have already started training for the next event, he added that they have trained for six months in the United States.

In the Gold Coast Games in Australia Inam was the lone Gold medalist along with four other winners for Pakistan who clinched the Bronze Medal for their country.