You brought me back with full force: Nawaz Sharif after being elected party chief


ISLAMABAD Oct 3 (TNS): Ousted former prime minister and newly-elected PML-N president Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday expressed admiration for the members of the upper and lower house of the parliament for repealing a clause through Election Bill 2017, removing the bar on his election as party chief after his disqualification.

“Constants efforts were made to dislodge me, but you time and again elected me,” he said while addressing a cheering crowd at Convention Center after being elected as party chief.  “You brought back Nawaz Sharif with full force,” he told the participants.

Sharif said military dictator Pervez Musharraf introduced the clause to stop him from doing politics. It was finally done away with and the members of the Senate and National Assembly as well as PML-N workers deserved appreciation for “throwing the black law back into his [Musharraf] face.

Assailing his disqualification by the Supreme Court, he said, “If they found nothing in the Panama Papers, they should have told the nation that they are going to use Iqama (work permit) to oust me. They should have explained that he had not embezzled public money.

“This has been happening for 70 years and it is still going on,” he said