Zardari begins Senate horse-trading ahead of elections, says Saad Rafique


KARACHI Jan 27 (TNS): Deploring change of Balochistan Chief Minister, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Khawaja Saad Rafique says the recent meeting between incumbent provincial CM Abdul Quddus Bizenjo and PPP co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari is an indication of beginning of political horse-trading ahead of Senate elections.

Taking to twitter, Rafique said Zardari has been demonstrating his anti-democratic mindset for initiating such sordid electoral pacts to garner support and seats in the upcoming Senate elections.

Calling the incumbent CM as puppet, the federal minister said the recent change in Balochistan assembly is mere business under the guise of democracy.

He went on saying that Zardari has turned Bhutto’s political party into a hub of dealers indulged in making offers to legislators to change their loyalties ahead of the elections.

“Zardari is making attempts to approach senators from various parties to have his control over the upper house of parliament,” Rafique said.

He vowed to foil every conspiracy against the democratic structure of government while cautioning Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and other political parties against such moves, as what he said, the members from all parties were on Zardari’s target list.

Referring to the PPP-PML-N agreement of 2006 between Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto, Rafique said Zardari’s corrupt mindset has blown the Charter of Democracy to smithereens.

He alleged that Zardari has also been making efforts to make his sister the Senate chairman to maintain his hold on the legislation and the Senate affairs.

The federal minister further said Zardari had tried similar tactics in the last Senate elections but he couldn’t succeed. “Had Bilawal not been in the party, Zardari would have sold the entire PPP,” he tweeted.