Zimbabwe Cricket Board confirms non-renewal of staff contracts amid financial revamping



Harare, August 14 (TNS): Zimbabwe Cricket Board on Tuesday has taken the decision not to renew the contracts of its staff members, owing to a financial revamping of the organisation. The board, however, assured that the players’ contract would be reviewed by the next week.

Due to financial crisis the Zimbabwe board is presently facing, the decision has been made not renew their staff’s contract.

Earlier, it was offered a lifeline in the form of funds by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in the month of June, which helped the board to pay the outstanding salaries to its players that were due since four months.

In an official statement, the ZC said that tough measures were needed to preserve the game of cricket in Zimbabwe.

“These are tough times and tough decisions are required to preserve cricket in Zimbabwe,” the official statement read.

Zimbabwe will play three ODIs and three T20Is against South Africa, later this year.