Palestine(TNS) : Foreign Affairs and Expatriates// Netanyahu’s war is open to destroy the pillars of the Palestinian state and bury them under the colonies in the West Bank and the rubble in the Gaza Strip


Foreign Affairs and Expatriates// Netanyahu’s war is open to destroy the pillars of the Palestinian state and bury them under the colonies in the West Bank and the rubble in the Gaza Strip

The American administration demands an end to the genocide of man and land and the legitimacy and unity of the organization’s representation of the Palestinian people

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supervises two kitchens and feeds them with his poisonous directives to achieve one goal, which is to strike the foundations of the independent Palestinian state and the opportunities for its embodiment on the ground. He pushes the two kitchens, whether the so-called war council or his ruling coalition with Smotrich and Ben Gvir, to deepen the open occupation war against the Palestinian state with its capital, East Jerusalem. This is done through 3 basic axes, which Netanyahu believes that by annihilating them, the implementation of the principle of the two-state solution will fail in line with the interests of the right and the ruling Israeli extreme right and its dark colonial ideology. In the Gaza Strip, he commits the most horrific forms of genocide against the Palestinian people and destroys the Gaza Strip so that it becomes uninhabitable and uninhabitable for human life, first and foremost. To satisfy the second plan, it continues to confiscate, Judaize, and annex the occupied West Bank and flood it with settlements. It continues the episodes of annexing and Judaizing East Jerusalem, separating it from its Palestinian surroundings, and desecrating its Christian and Islamic sanctities, most notably the second blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque. The most recent of which was the attacks of the occupation forces and settlers on farmers in Masafer Yatta and Tubas and preventing them from entering. Plowing their lands, bulldozing more lands to build more settlement roads, the colonists, with the protection of the occupation forces, bulldozing lands in Jabal al-Ras in the village of Umm Safa, northwest of Ramallah, and thirdly, racist incitement campaigns and implementing more measures and practical steps to attack the unity and legitimacy of the representation of the Palestine Liberation Organization. To the Palestinian people wherever they are, turning them into scattered fragments, sometimes by working to undermine their credibility in the Palestinian street by deepening the invasions, arrests, settlements, and field executions to give the impression that they have become irrelevant, and at other times by deepening the separation between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as an agent of the alleged inflammatory accusations. To lead the Palestine Liberation Organization and question its legitimacy.
The Ministry believes that the war of the ruling Israeli right is open and includes all levels to liquidate the Palestinian cause and the rights of our people, foremost of which is the embodiment of its state on earth, and in ways that represent three sides of the same genocidal coin, which means that Netanyahu is trying, in order to remain in power, to prolong and deepen the conflict as an alternative to resolving it, from During the burial of the Palestinian state under settlements and the rubble of mass destruction in the Gaza Strip.
The Ministry calls on the international community and the American administration to realize the reality of what Netanyahu and his ruling coalition are doing and its dangers to the two-state solution and the chances of achieving peace in the region and the world, foremost of which is inserting the conflict arena into an endless cycle of violence and chaos as an appropriate environment for the continuation of right-wing rule in Israel at the expense of the security and stability of the region and the world. It also calls on all international parties to take the necessary measures to stop the implementation of this insane, racist colonial plan, especially since it contains within it many dangerous indicators regarding the displacement of the Palestinian people from their homeland.