Islamabad(TNS) : PFUJ establishes Malaysia chapter with MoU signing

The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has launched its Malaysia Chapter, aiming to enhance journalism and offer investment guidance internationally.
The strategic initiative was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Pakistan Press Club Malaysia (PPCM) and the PFUJ UAE, signifying a new phase of collaboration between Pakistani journalists in both nations.
This collaboration holds great potential for journalists and investors from Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia. It not only facilitates the exchange of journalistic knowledge but also acts as a valuable resource for investors keen on these regions.
Ansir Akram, the General Secretary of PFUJ United Arab Emirates (UAE), visited Malaysia on the invitation of the Pakistan Press Club Malaysia. He was warmly received by PPCM officials, leading up to the pivotal moment of signing the MOU.
The visit, which included a study tour of Malaysia’s historical sites, concluded with an Iftar dinner hosted by PPCM to honor the visiting dignitary, paving the way for the official signing of the MoU.
The event highlighted PFUJ and PPCM’s dedication to strengthening connections between the journalistic communities of both nations and providing broader community support through increased collaboration and guidance.
The central leadership of PFUJ voiced strong backing for the initiative, stressing the mutual benefits for the journalistic communities involved.
Rana Muhammad Azeem, PFUJ’s Central General Secretary, commended the inauguration of the PFUJ Malaysia Chapter during a telephone conversation with PPCM President Owais Taj Chaudhry and others.
Key figures Khalid Malik, President of PFUJ UAE Chapter, and Syed Mudassar Khushnood, former General Secretary, also joined the conversation via phone, extending congratulations and assurances of full cooperation to PPCM.