Islamabad(TNS): Bahawalnagar incident occurred due to non-compliance of police stations’ SOPs, IG Punjab


IG Punjab Police Dr. Usman Anwar has said that the Bahawalnagar incident occurred due to non-implementation of the SOPs of the Special Initiative Police Stations. has been constituted so that all the requirements of justice can be fulfilled. In a statement on the social networking website X, Dr. Usman Anwar said that this important message of mine is for the entire Punjab Police because it is related to the morale of the entire force and this morale is the basis of the determination on which we thieves. , fight bandits and thieves. He said that an incident took place in Bahawalnagar, due to which such a storm of misbehavior was created on the social media, which created an impression that a conflict had arisen between the Pakistan Army and the Punjab Police. He said that why this incident happened, what impression was made by it and how the enemy is benefiting from this impression, I will discuss it today. Dr. Usman Anwar said that a banned organization tried to create conflict between institutions by using this incident as a basis in its message, such trolling was also done by other miscreants. He said that some videos were presented without context, old videos were also uploaded, unconfirmed news was spread due to which the Punjab Police jawans became frustrated. He said that it is important to talk to you about the incident after deliberately waiting for a few days because it is important to explain how the incident happened and whether the police were completely right or we. There was also an error. Dr. Usman Anwar said that the incident occurred due to non-implementation of the SOPs of the Special Initiative Police Stations. A joint meeting of the institutions was held. He said that the slogans of ‘Pak Fuj Zindabad’ and ‘Punjab Police Zindabad’ were raised in the meeting to remove the impression that there is any conflict between the two institutions, there is a mechanism to correct individual mistakes. He said that both the institutions have started their own departmental actions, where action will be taken against those who are wrong, law is broken or SOPs are violated. IG Punjab said that a joint investigation team has also been formed in this regard so that all the requirements of justice can be fulfilled. He said that the incident was raised in such a way that an attempt was made to break the family-like relationship between the police and the army, which no one can break. He clarified that all the institutions will continue to fight together for the integrity of this country, we assure you that the Punjab Police and all uniformed people will work together to destroy the terrorists and make Pakistan safe. , it is the responsibility of the public not to fall victim to the propaganda. Earlier today, the Pakistan Army had announced a joint inquiry into the incident to determine those responsible for the Bahawalnagar incident. In a statement issued by the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army (ISPR), it was said that those responsible for violation of laws and misuse of powers will be determined, identifying the responsible to find out the facts. A joint inquiry involving security and police personnel will be conducted to investigate. It may be noted that 2 days ago on April 10, several videos went viral on social media in which people dressed in army uniforms were shown allegedly beating policemen in Bahawalnagar. In one video, a man was seen sitting on the ground with a bloody nose, while another clip showed a man and two military personnel forcing policemen to kneel in a row. Some social media users claimed that the incident started after the police recovered illegal arms from a soldier’s relative. Politicians express outrage over viral video clips In a statement issued on the night of April 10, the Punjab Police said that the incident was being portrayed as a clash between the Pakistan Army and the Punjab Police. There has been a fight’. “When the unverified videos went viral, the two agencies initiated a joint investigation, officials from both departments reviewed the facts and resolved the matter amicably,” the statement said. It said that ‘Punjab Police and Pakistan Army are cooperating with each other to eliminate terrorists, miscreants and criminals from the province, we request social media users not to spread fake propaganda. In another Punjab Police post, police and army personnel were seen shouting slogans of ‘Pak Fauj, Punjab Police Zindabad’.