Islamabad(TNS) : The price of chicken has increased significantly. Beyond the purchasing power of ordinary cities



The reason for the smuggling of farm chicks to Afghanistan is that the price of live chicken in the federal capital Islamabad is 550 rupees, while the price of its meat is 890 rupees per kg. While pressured meat also went up to 700 rupees per kg. The price of chicken has increased by more than 130 rupees per kilo since the third decade of Ramadan. It should be remembered that three weeks ago, live chicken was being sold in Islamabad for 420 rupees per kg. The local citizens said that until some time ago, they had brought two chickens worth 1500, but at that time, most of the big chickens were in the market. There are also price hikes after this price, which makes the pocket heavy and motivated to take the big chickenIslamabad and its suburbs have seen an increase in the price of chicken from Rs 100 to Rs 130 per kilo in Islamabad and its suburbs, which has increased the middle class who cannot afford to buy goat and beef. It has forced me to change my menu. Now they are looking for vegetables and pulses if the chickens are flying all over the country including Jamrat Islamabad. In the market of Karachi, the price of one kg of live chicken was Rs.580 and its meat was sold for Rs.840 per kg. 530 rupees per kg of live chicken in Peshawar, while in Lahore it was RsThe price was Rs 540. However, the Poultry Association went on strike in Lahore on Wednesday, disagreeing with the rates imposed by the administration. Which is likely to make the chicken more expensive
Citizens said that when the chickens will take 800 rupees per kg, then the neck in it. sir Colleges are all involved. Barely three feet of meat will come out of it, and in a full house, everyone will get only one herb. And if you make boneless (boneless) according to the taste of small children, what will be the use of 800? It is difficult to describe it. He said that the inflation is so high that chicken dishes are made instead of goat in feasts, but if this remains the case, it is difficult to proceed with vegetable dal.
Citizens are also worried that if the price of petrol has increased, then the price of chicken will come down. Sources said that at this time, one is exporting chicks to Afghanistan and the other is farm chickens. Feed ingredients are banned. Due to which the price of chicken will increase, if no timely planning is done, the prices of chicken will take a long jump. ) should be grown in the country. A permanent solution can be found if the feed is cheap. The local leaders of the poultry farm said that soybeans are being imported from India and Argentina. While on the other hand, the district administration of Islamabad is also poorAll kinds of mafias who are behind cheap flour and now cheap bread have got an open holiday for half arbitrariness. are