Pak troops’ withdrawal from Afghan border may harm US soldiers: General Qayyum


ISLAMABAD: Aug 25 (TNS): In case Pakistan withdraws its troops presently engaged on border with Afghanistan, it may prove harmful for the American soldiers in Afghanistan,” said Senator General Abdul Qayyum (R) on Friday in reaction to the US President Donald Trump’s statemant .

He said the statement of US President Donald Trump was disappointing because he has not mentioned the brutalities of Indian forces on innocent Kashmiris.

Talking to VOA, he said that American attitude has been discouraging towards Pakistan despite the fact that Pakistan has been rendering unmatchable sacrifices and services in war on terror as front line ally and had played role against former USSR in Afghan war.

He observed the US has not taken care of sovereignty of Pakistan in the past and if it repeats past practices then Pakistan must raise the issue internationally.

He proposed to Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to convene national defense committee meeting and send delegation to the US to address any misunderstandings if there are.

He said China has taken a rationale and wise view by appreciating Pakistan’s role in war on terror.