Prominent writer Ibrahim Joyo called the voice of the century passes away at 102


HYDERABAD Nov 09 (TNS): Renowned writer, Ibrahim Joyo, called the voice of the century, passed away at 102 on Thursday.

Pakistan Peoples Party Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari expressed grief over Joyo’s demise, saying such personalities are born once in centuries.

The deceased’s will be laid to rest at his native graveyard in Jamshoro.

Being a writer, scholar and social and political worker, Joyo had a versatile career and an eventful life. He was known for his peculiar views on secularism and socialism. But besides that, he rendered services for Sindh and its people.

Joyo was born to a landless peasant in 1915 in a small village of Abaad. He received his early education from a government-run school in his village. He continued his school education in Sann, a village situated at a distance from his area. In his book, Mazhar Jamil has written the stay in Sann and getting an education there were some of the best times in Joyo’s life. He completed his matriculation from Sindh Madressatul Islam and BA from DJ Science College. He was also sent to Bombay for a Bachelor of Teaching degree by Sindh Madressa. Joyo was later appointed to teach at Sindh Madressa.

Since the writer belonged to Sindh and had firsthand seen how people of his area were exploited because of lack of education and resources, he wrote a book Save Sindh Save the Continent from Feudal Lords, Capitalists and their Communalism. In the book, Joyo addressed the issue pertaining to people from his area of origin. He also wrote to members of the Sindh Assembly, drawing their attention to several problems, including those pertaining to water, public health and education.

According to Jamil, Joyo’s book created ripples in the political circles of Sindh, therefore, termination of his services was arranged. However, this got the writer more fame in the democratic circles. He continued his academic career and also participated in politics to some extent.