International media conference underway in Karachi


Karachi, Jan. 6 (TNS): Journalists from more than 24 countries are attending the four-day conference organized by the Pakistan Media Development Foundation (PMDF) in Karachi.

Along with the delegation from Pakistan, the United States, UK, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Finland, Romania, Serbia, Austria, Croatia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and India are attending the international moot.

Speakers at the international conference are discussing major problems of today’s world and the role of media, media laws and ethics, the future of media and digital media opportunities, media in South Asia, the media and the cultural changes in the world, the psychological effects of the media on society and women’s participation in the field of journalism.

On the occasion the guests from different parts of the world acknowledged that journalists can play an important role in bringing the world and its people closer to one another.