FM again urges for intra-Afghan dialogue for peaceful resolution of Afghan issue


Islamabad, Jan. 11 (TNS): Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has again urged for intra-Afghan dialogue to resolve the Afghan issue through peaceful means.
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In an interview with an English daily in Islamabad, the Minister particularly called upon Taliban to come on the negotiating table with the Afghan government to give a chance to peace and stability in their homeland.

The Foreign Minister said outsiders can do a little to help Afghans overcome war if they do not sit together for a political settlement.

To a question about the prospects for this impasse on initiating of an intra-Afghan dialogue process being overcome, Shah Mehmood Qureshi appeared hopeful and recalled that till lately “no one could have thought of US and Taliban representatives sitting under one roof and talking to each other but that happened”.

Talking about his regional contacts, the foreign minister said a regional convergence about ending the war in Afghanistan through a political settlement has already emerged.

He said Pakistan, Afghanistan, the United States and Taliban are on the same page that there had to be a political solution.
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He said Russia, China and Iran also agree with this position.