Dr Fouzia Saeed deserves another term for her miraculous performance


It will help strengthen and consolidate the steps taken by her

“A Little less virtue and I might have lived longer”, This was Jerome K Jerome’s sentence from one of his short stories that was constantly on my mind when on the eve of 3rd February I had the honour to witness and celebrate the three phenomenal years spent by Dr Fouzia Saeed, Executive Director of Lok Virsa , who hosted this unique farewell of herself highlighting her vision and strategy, of the three years she had devoted to Lok Virsa, wherein everyday was marked with a new landmark in the life of Lok Virsa.

This profound rejuvenation of the Lok Virsa was presented in different segments. These segments were titled as, “Rebuilding Cultural Identity”, “Reclaiming Cultural Spaces”, Strengthening Lok Virsa”, “Linkages with cultural Institutions” and “Promoting Diversity and Pluralism”. All these segments were supported by video clips that clearly indicated a well planned policy that was well implemented based on a strong vision of making a difference. These video clips kept the audience spell bound of how a well built strategy with a strong leadership can bring about a gigantic constructive change.

My first contact with Dr Fouzia Saeed was at the anniversary of “Mandwa” a movie club established by her at the Media Centre at Lok Virsa, where old, middle aged and some youth enjoy a classic movie every week and the best part of it is an interactive and intellectual talk at the end of the movie where every member gets an opportunity to discuss, express their point of view and render their comments. This is a unique opportunity for the people of twin cities where perhaps such open, thought provoking and soft cultural activities are quite rare. This is nostalgic for the old who are not well versed with the new gadgets the young people spend their time with and for the young it’s a way of reminding them our classic cinema that is our true, “Cultural Virsa”. My first impression of her as a professional and after a couple of years later, I believe her to be a visionary who can inspire and perform feats to bring about a change in society.

The miracle of change and progress brought about by Dr Fouzia Saeed calls for another term to be granted to her by the government to strengthen and consolidate the steps taken by her. After listening and also experiencing to all the extra ordinary things done by her in a short time of three years and the love, respect and appreciation all the people expressed for her and all the, “Virtues” performed by her, I was perpetually reminded the words of Jerome K Jerome quoted above that if she had not been so full of virtues, she would have got another term like so many others whom we see getting such contracts times and again, who do not perform well and in a country where even the PM can get even a third term such a demand is thoroughly justified.

Shakeel Daniels

The writer is an educationist with thirty years of teaching experience.

Ex-visiting faculty member of Arid Agriculture University for two decades, presently teaching at an Intermediate college.