fruitboycott works: Prices lowered by 40%


Islamabad, June 3 (TNS): Amid three-day boycott, the masses get some relief as fruits prices dropped as low as 40 percent in the market.

People around the country are observing a three-day strike against fruit vendors for overcharging during Ramazan and the effect of the campaign, which began on social media, was quite ‘fruitful’.

According to reports, on Saturday, the second of a three-day fruit boycott, the prices of fruit were lowered by up to 40 percent in Karachi and other areas in the country.

In Lahore, fruit markets are usually crowded but on Saturday afternoon, the markets were giving deserted look as fruit vendors complaining that the boycott was totally unjustified and inappropriate.

Street vendors were unhappy with the call to boycott fruit by civil society in the wake of hike in fruit prices during the month of Ramazan. Most street sellers believe that the boycott is causing them losses while the gross-sellers remain unaffected by the boycott.

The #fruitboycott trend began on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter as a mark of protest over prices of fruit which have skyrocketed ever since Ramazan began.

The campaign, launched by a consumer rights group, urged people to desist from buying fruit for three days from Friday to Sunday.